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AnnaJust call me Anna and I love to write about everything. First, I start looking for a photo and then writing the text. Most of the time, it works that way. This was also happened when I had the chance to interview a travel blogger. After having a complete 3-hour conversation (spoiler alert: it comes in a lot of text), I still had to search for a photo of her to write the text. I was late to finish the project.

“Be willing to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may be tough, but it’s a small price to pay for living a dream” is my favorite caption of her ever. I saw that her quirk, was a gadget in her own philosophy but also be imprinted in the moment she stands wearing a pink jacket and a pink bag in a desert of Mongolia.

It has been about a month since she came back. A journey that made her a subject of conversation of many people but also brought her, as she admitted, a step closer to her true identity. The fact that she traveled endless hours with only herself for company inspires me a lot.

The interview inspires me to fill my life with the the most useful things not only for me but also for other people. I love to share my knowledge about anything ever since. From travelling to DIY house renovation projects. There’s nothing can stop me from sharing. Blogs really help me to share my writings. It makes everything easier to reach.