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The Things Need to Check Before Moving to The New Home

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Truly, I always hate when my parent says “we should be better move to the new home this years”. It’s because I need to find a new friend and I need to adapt to the new neighborhood.

But today I understand why my parent do house moving a lot several years ago. It’s all because the jobs!

But anyway, doing home moving activities sometimes is not a fun thing and take much your effort. The homeowners have to pack many items and rearrange them in new homes that can be stressful and tired. Some people said moving to the new home should be a fun moment because you will be facing a new residential environment, but that is not for me.

Well there are several ways you can do to make your moving ways better. And here are the tips.

Plan it correctly

Before occupying the new house, make sure our basic needs are met in order to be ready to live. For example fine electricity, great sanitation, water etc.

Make sure everything ready to use.

Use the Professional Freight Services

If you decide to use freight services, choose a large car like a box or truck car. Renting a freight service by truck or big box car will cost a lot more, but if you have a lot of stuff it will become more efficient in the energy and time aspect.

Have enough money? Rent a car and its service and your energy/stress will be okay.

Want to save the money? Just DIY with fun!

Prepare The Food

It’s actually easy get the food, just get your phone and call Pizza! But if you want to eat your own food, it will be good to save the money.

Don’t Forget The Important Items

Prepare a box or bag that contains the most commonly used needs such as tissues, medicine, drinking water, and so on. The goal is that you do not have to look for the item among the piles of other stuff when you need it immediately.

Here We Go.. Calculate Your Budget!

Calculate the amount of costs. Starting from the small box to the big boxs you will use, from rental of vehicles, tolls, meals, and so on. Do not forget to provide unexpected costs, in case there is congestion so that the cost of vehicle rental also increases.

That its all, hope you enjoy the time and good luck with your new home.

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