Benefit you playing in the park with you child

The Benefit of Playing in The Parks for Your Children

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When I was young, a park is my favorite place and I love to spend my times at there even for a long day. I just feel so comfort walking and playing in the park, it’s makes me so happy. Everything just awesome at that time.

Today is different, a park looks like not interesting for some people especially for a children to play. It’s all because the trend of the technology, the power of the gadgets.

Nowadays, children are easily addicted to playing the gadgets. It’s totally not good on growing a child. Although we know that playing is an activity that can not be separated from the world of children, but we need to give the right direction to our be-loving child.

Like I said before, a park is one of the heavens for a child that stay in the earth. There are many benefits that can be obtained when the children playing in the park. The fresh and clean air, the green environment and the nature feel are the good things from it.

1. Improve the Immunity

Playing in the open space can help and boost the child’s immune system. When a children play in the park, fall, and run around on it, indirectly it can help improve the body’s immunity. So it will protect your lovely boy or girl from sick. Compare it with the closed room plus your kids just holding the gadget at there, that’s is a disaster especially if this routine always repeated.

2. Improving Mental and Social Development

Open space, fresh air, and physical activity are important elements for the child’s brain development. All the elements can be obtained by playing in the park. In addition, while playing with friends in the park, children’s social skills can also increase. The creativity of children will continue to be honed by courageously trying new things in the park.

3. Overcoming Stress

Children can also experience stress or depression. One way to help him cope with stress is to invite him to play in the open space like in the park. Do not let children experience Nature Deficit Disorder, a disorder in humans, especially children due to lack of direct contact with the nature of the impact on mental and physical health, the possibility of obesity, mental disorders and depression in children. These conditions can also cause children to be lazy, more selfish, individualistic, difficult to concentrate, even more dependence on gadgets.

4. Happier is Important

When the children actively doing a physical activity, then the number of calories will be more burned. In addition to making children more healthy, playing in the park can also make children more happy. When in the park, children can feel more free and able to vent their emotions and feelings more easily. Like me severals years ago 😀

5. Increase The Focus or Concentration

Yep, activities in the open space like in the park can help children to concentrate more, that’s fact!

After playing with my Mac keyboard and typing the words right now, I just want to grab my bike and go to my nearest park. How about you?

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